Care and Maintenance

Routine Maintenance = all Dash & Albert rugs & accessories

Routine cleaning and maintenance of any Dash & Albert rug is very easy and time effective. All you need do is lightly vacuum, sweep with a broom or pick up the rug and shake it out to remove the general daily build-up of dust and dirt and this should keep your rug looking as good as new.

cleaning = woollen viscose rugs

Woollen Viscose rugs should not be exposed to moisture of any kind as this may cause permanent staining. These rugs are best suited for low traffic, gently used rooms and should not be placed in homes with children or pets. If a Woollen Viscose rug is stained or marked do not spot clean. Woollen Viscose rugs should only be professionally cleaned, however, cleaning cleaning processes involving steam or water should not be used under any circumstances. Do not machine wash or tumble dry these rugs. 

Cleaning = Woollen (EXCLUDING WOOLLEN VISCOSE RUGS), Cotton. Jute & Sisal rugs & accessories

Dash & Albert recommend that all their Woollen (excluding woollen viscose rugs), Cotton, Jute and Sisal rugs be professionally cleaned to remove stains and marks. Do not machine wash or tumble dry these rugs.

Cleaning = Indoor Outdoor rugs & accessories

The best way to clean marks, stains, mould and mildew off an Indoor Outdoor rug is to wet the affected area with cold soapy water and scrub gently with a brush until the mould and mildew come away from the rug. Bleach if required. Hose off the affected area with your normal garden hose. Hang the rug over the line, balcony or pool fence and allow it to air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry the rug.

Please download the Washable Wonders™ brochure for guidance on how to clean your Dash & Albert Indoor Outdoor rug.

Contact Winton House

If you have any questions regarding the Care & Maintenance or the Cleaning of your Dash & Albert rug then please feel free to contact a representative at Winton House.